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Volunteers Required!


Andrew Dignum

1874 Northwich are calling for volunteers to help carry out ground improvement works at the Barton Stadium, Winsford, in preparation for the club's inaugural League Season!

Sunday 2 June 2013 (9am - 12 noon) is the first date that has been fixed with Winsford United, and we are now calling on supporters to volunteer their time and skills in order to assist the club in preparing for the new league season.

Whilst we already have in place an excellent facility at Winsford United, there is work that needs to be done pre-season in order to further improve on this. Essentially, we are looking for supporters to volunteer their time to assist with general maintenance activities such as clearance, general tidying up, cutting back overgrown vegetation, painting, etc, etc… There's plenty to be done, so please offer your hand and get stuck in!

For those who do want to assist, it must be pointed out that you will need to bring your own equipment e.g Shovels, brushes, cutting equipment, paint brushes, etc.

It has also been agreed that a representative from Winsford United will attend the Supporters Meeting at Lostock Club on Tuesday 30 May 2013. This will provide Winsford United with the opportunity to discuss in more detail the type and specification of works that need to be undertaken. This will also present supporters with the opportunity to meet with Winsford United and ask any questions that you may have about the stadium and the proposed works.

If you wish to volunteer and help the club on Sunday 2 June, please email 1874 Northwich at [email protected] and we will provide you with further detail in due course...

Many thanks for your assistance in advance.

Andrew Dignum

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