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NVSA Social Evening

Atticus Finch

Aug 2, 2013
See that they've got Dave Ryan and Mally O'C to attend the next event. Top effort and I should imagine that it should be a good night.

However, one might have thought that they would have done their research a little more thoroughly. Spot the mistakes...

Malcolm O'Connor - A legendary striker who scored nearly 200 goals in his Vics career. Second in the all-time Vics scorers list to Peter Burns. Malcolm won the Drinkwise Cup in 1993 winning 3-2 away at Martin O'Neills double winners Wycombe Wanderers.

Dave Ryan - A legendary goal keeper with over 900 appearances for Vics, being a two-time FA Trophy finalist winning one of those in 1984. Dave is famously remembered for scoring a goal away at Moss Lane against Altrincham.
Mally O'C scored 150 ish goals.

Dave Ryan made less than 900 appearances, but he did score against Alty on a windy & wet night.
I personally find it a bit embarrassing. By inviting these two legends, it really just highlights just how far the club has sunk. God only knows what they make of the level the club are now playing at.
Indeed. Way out on the number of goals that Mally scored and the appearances made by Ryno. Also Mally isn't second to Pete Burns - 'Little' Lennie Barber holds that title.
Think Mally missed a penalty in his final game - a 4-4 draw at relegated Yeovil that would have put him level with Lennie Barber.
Can any one name who took the pens in the Cheshire league winning side that Len Barber played in?.
The answer to the Pen Question is Tommy Brown he scored two at Tranmere when Vics clinched the Cheshire League title for the only time when Vics won it in the 1956-57 season,