Congleton (H)

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Too much time on my hands
Jul 28, 2013
Hard fought win against a good congleton side.

2 points off top with a game in hand. I’ll take that.

Jack Owen

Too much time on my hands
Aug 4, 2013
Had to work bloody hard for that!

we havent played as well as we can last 3 games, and we have 7 points from a possible 9.

up the 74💪🏼💪🏼


Too much time on my hands
Aug 1, 2013
Congleton were well organised and hard to break down. We were forced to pass it back a lot, but stayed patient and got what we deserved. At least we never resort to just lumping it forward and for the level we play at, I think the team knock it around very well. Thought Lee Knight was very good.
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Alan Riding

I Live Here
Jul 31, 2013
Yes a very hard fought win.

The game in the first half was dictated by the tactics employed by Congleton. They sat in and allowed us to have the ball at the back. There were a couple of half chances but not much more. They really did frustrate us.

Much better second half when they came out and played. This gave us more attacking space and we had much more of the threatening chances. Two cool finishes from Jake proving you don't have to snatch and smash the chances as hard as you can. Fairly comfortable at that stage but a slip gave us a nervy 15 mins or so.

Just a point on our corners and free kicks. Some terrible deliveries. We don't have to shoot everytime we get a free kick in a close position. Look around at alternatives, second half Lee Jackson was in acres of space yet we still shot at goal.

Some good performances from Lee Knight and Jonah and I thought Wooley rallied the troops well when under pressure at the end.

3 points is 3 points and well earned but not a great performance.

See everyone Saturday.
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Aug 9, 2015
No not a great performance but did enough to deserve a win. Congleton were well organised and we found it difficult to get into danger areas.
Still maintain not enough threat in the box and need another proven goalscorer. But not many readily available so think I will need to continue just wishing !
Impressed with Knight , Russell and Woolley and a shame Koral keeps finding himself at right back as he’s a decent forward.