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Euro 2021 Prediction Comp. - Comments

Euro Football, Euro 2021


Looks like locking it down yesterday wasn't the best of ideas!
Now open until 1900 to join or edit your picks
Aye there was a lil save icon that I either missed or you just turned back on again. Sorted now, anyway.
1st result added & matchday 1 shows those of us who were correct.
It's early days but I'm liking this add-on
Apologies for the teething problems as I'm still stumbling along with this add-on

Last 16 games are being added as I know the fixtures & I'll believe you can make your picks now. Result after 90 mins will be used.

And I've got the tie-break working finally.
That was easier than expected. If you hit the Watch button (below manage your picks) then you can get notified for new comments.,
And it looks like the tie-breaker question was optional as only 2 of us filled it in.
The quarter finals are now ready to be picked. The tie breaker is just for goals in the quarter-finals.