Trafford 20th November - Information

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I paused the Veo footage right as the throw was taken and went through the next few frames. Appears Joe was half a yard offside as the ball is flicked on. The assistant referee certainly didn't help himself by not raising his flag and relying on the referee to make the call, especially as it was right under his nose! 🤦‍♂️

Some finish on the half volley by the way, would've no doubt been a goal of the season contender. Just as well Joe responded in the perfect manner moments later - loved that cheeky, sarcastic celebration in front of the aforementioned official 😄

In the past there have been a few remarks about us being 'too nice' and somewhat naive in trying to perform in a certain manner that matches our ethos. However, as was the case with Callum holding the Trafford player back on the edge of the box to prevent him from following in while Matt's penalty hit the back of the net, it's refreshing to see that bit of attitude and gamesmanship in our approach.