Our MP

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James Wood

Too much time on my hands
Jun 1, 2017
I might be accused of being biased, but in his relatively short time as our MP I think that Mike Amesbury has done a great job, not only for the town but the country as a whole.

His school uniform bill got Royal Assent today which means that poorer families will no longer have to pay over the odds to kit their kids out for school.

In addition he’s also championing the leasehold scandal that has affected many new residents to the town whilst also campaigning for the many 000’s in this country who have been caught up in the cladding scandal.

richard webb

I Live Here
Aug 7, 2013
I do not suffer from the same bias as you James but agree with you on this. I have seen him once up here and twice down in parliament when he has supported me in my MND campaigning. He also attended a demonstration in the snow we had a couple of years ago in Parliament Square (which I did not go to) and spoke to my colleagues as I had requested.


Too much time on my hands
Dec 18, 2014
There's no reason why any MP from any party should not do his (or her) best for the constituency as a whole - after all that's what they are elected for !!