Oldham Borough - Post match

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Jamie Kelly

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Jul 28, 2013
So, I've just returned from what was a magnificent day and couldn't feel happier about how today turned out!

We had 490 happy fans turn up today which is better than even the most optimistic of us expected. What is also brilliant is that so many of those fans were youngsters!

The result could have been better, but it is the start of a long season and a draw is absolutely fine.

I'm just immensely proud to have been wearing my 1874 shirt today, and it is brilliant to be able to say that.

UP THE '74!!!


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Aug 1, 2013
Too right! - excellent turnout, just wish we could have won to entice a few back.

Just happened to run out of ideas. A little puzzled to why the days best player (who had the beating of the full-back all afternoon) was switched wings right after setting up the goal?

Suppose we could have had a £250 p/w journeyman on the bench who could have come on and nicked it for us - but I'll settle for what we've got.


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Jul 28, 2013
Dean McGregor was the best player in my eyes. Worked tirelessly out wide and set-up the goal.

1874 played well at times and sometimes switched off but I still think we did enough to win. Credit to their keeper for a superb performance in goal. Oldham will do alright, not a bad team at all.

Fantastic crowd and a great occasion. Bring on Irlam on Tuesday!


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Aug 1, 2013
Incredible turn out, beyond anyone's imagination. It was the first 'Northwich' game I have been to in 5 years, I've even Google mapped Irlam and am tempted to make the journey. It's too early to say but I think we will need a stronger (and fitter) midfield if we are going to be up near the top of this league.


I Live Here
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Jul 31, 2013
Great turnout, super atmosphere. Thought the lads seemed a little nervous at times but that was probably to be expected given the occasion. Plenty to build on. Just unlucky that one of the first half chances did not go in, I think it would have made all the difference.


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Jul 28, 2013
Just got back to sunny (for once) Bradford,after a great day out watching 74. Pity we couldn't win, but still a good result, and the attendance was just fantastic. The club already have a copy of the video footage i shot today, so hopefully (assuming i caught it as i've not watched it myself yet) you will see the very first 1874 league goal on the club youtube channel in the not too distant future.


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Jul 27, 2013
great crowd today I hope we can keep getting at least 350+ this season, I thought we were unlucky not to win today we should of bin at least 2-0 up at half time and in the second half we didn't keep the ball well enough and looked short of ideas and fitness, Thought Dean McGregor was by far the best player on the pitch today and also think that this team is more than capable of a top 5 finish this season if they play with belief and confidence in themselves.

Alan Riding

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Jul 31, 2013
What a fantastic afternoon!! Spoilt slightly by the result.

I would just like to thank each and every one of US...., board members, diy volunteers, matchday volunteers, players, management and SUPPORTERS who made it all happen.

Now on to the football.... What a shame we didn't come away with the win we deserved. But that is football. Their goalkeeper had a day to remember at our expense.
We started really well and played some nice football and as Steve said earlier it was a shame we didn't score when we were overunning them. How their defender headed that shot off the line I will never know. After 30 mins or so I thought it went a bit flat.

After the break, again we started well but lost our way a bit. Their goal obviously woke us up and deservedly we got our goal and pressed hard for another, however they had the best chance to win it at the end.

Up front, Mike Brandon and Dean McGregor were excellent. Thought our midfield lacked something?? Not sure what but it just didn't seem together. Danny and Lee did well at the centre of the defence, but again Danny had his little slip that let them in for the late chance.

Overall we have to be grateful for the point, and roll on Tuesday.



Jul 28, 2013
Can't disagree with too much mentioned above. A real shame we couldn't get the win.
Another day we could have ended up winning by 2-3, and limited Oldham to 2 meaningful attempts all game, unfortunately one of them went in.

A great turnout, would love to see this number maintained throughout the season.

Alan M

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Jun 24, 2013
Chance to reflect on the way back down here, and have to concur with most of what's been said above ...

If one of those 3 dead cert goal chances in the first half had gone in (which in 99% of games they would have), I think that would have settled some of the big match nerves, and then I feel we would have won that game comfortably. As it was, we had to wait for them to score to wake us up in the second half and score a well-worked goal laid on by (for me) the best player on the park today (McGregor) and put away clinically by Brandon - who looks like he's going to cause a few defences some problems. (I think, btw, McGregor switched wings when Lee Hendley was substituted - maybe that was tactical to try to torment the other full back, or maybe it was to accommodate the preference of Phil Coffin?).

Central defence looked like they could deal with the arial threats fairly comfortably, though I'm not too sure what happened with Oldham's goal - looked like someone along the way didn't clear their lines when they should have. And there were a few occasions when I was glad their forwards had not done much target practice. Mind you, the same could be said of our shooting from outside the box - a fair few glory-hunting/wishful-thinking attempts to keep the ball boys busy, plus a rather woeful edge-of-box free kick.

Agree about the midfield looking a bit lacklustre. Maybe they'll get better with some competitive match practice. Maybe the length of the grass didn't help either. Am I alone in thinking it was a bit long? I know we have been spoilt in recent years with the playing surface at the VS, but from what I saw today it looks like the team are being encouraged to play a passing game of football, and the weight of pass was so often defeated by the grass, with many balls in midfield ending up as 50-50 balls with Oldham players. Again, maybe they'll take a while to adjust to that playing surface, having not had much pre-season time on there.

Have to echo my namesake above - isn't it wonderful to be able to talk about football again?

It is also wonderful to reflect on the whole matchday experience. Being pestered to part with money for various tickets and raffles and golden goals has never before been so enjoyable, especially as that was followed up with Birtwisle's steak pie. And not being quite so local, it was good to catch up with so many familiar faces and I lost count of the number of people who accosted me to enquire about my journey. In the half-hour before kick-off it felt more like a giant family reunion gathering than a football crowd.

As for the crowd, 490 exceeded even my optimistic expectations. I know it was something of a special occasion, and as such will have attracted a few from further afield, so we shouldn't expect that to be a regular figure, but I saw people there who have not been for years, and was also encouraged by the proportion of younger fans. I was also amazed how many replica shirts etc have been shifted - to both young and not-so-young! I think the performance, if not the result, will persuade a large percentage of them to come again.

Congratulations to all involved in putting on such a good show, and thanks to the army of volunteers doing all the little 'unsung hero' jobs around the ground.
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Jun 24, 2013
Whoa whoa whoa whoa just whoa

What a day, personal level aside, for our football club. 490 was a unreal figure to most fans but we did it! I have to say it was my first visit to the barton and I am impressed and happy to call it home for now, it was a nice little charm to it.

The performance was what I had hoped for, we gave it a go and but for some superb saves from their keeper we could have won that match. After going a goal down we could have let our heads go down it we stuck at it and I'm happy to get a draw! A draw does bring some reality to our expectations whilst at the same time allowing us to dare to dream for now

I have to say a massive thank you to the board for their kind offer to allow me and tarryn to present the match ball. She had a great day and was up in the air when we scored! Loves her top too. Also a massiv thank to everyone who applauded meant a massive amount to me and il never forget that!

Les Esling

Aug 3, 2013
What a wonderful day! Congratulations to Paul and the board and all the volunteers for putting on such a marvellous day and all the hard work leading up to it.
Just checked the results for NWCL and our attendance was more than double any other match including the Premier division!
I think the team were probably a little affected by the occasion today and I think a couple of away games now might well settle their nerves for the season ahead.
They certainly played some good stuff today and with just a little bit of luck would have run out comfortable winners.
Credit also to Oldham who played their part in a great day. So good to see really competitive football played in such a good spirit.
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Jun 24, 2013
The Far East
A thread like this has been a long time coming!

Very enjoyable read - I can only imagine what yesterday was like. If I had a slight jolt of disappointment when I saw the score on Twitter then that was overcome when I saw the attendance! Superb!

Well done to all who made yesterday happen. A great attendance to reflect all the hard work put in by many people.


Aug 4, 2013
What a thoroughly enjoyable read this thread has been.

It just feels so good to be writing about and watching the game we all love!

Deb T

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Aug 1, 2013
Shropshire/Worcestershire border
Just back in Worcestershire after my few days 'up north'. What a wonderful few days I've had - meeting up with 'old' friends - some like Toddy who I haven't seen for a long time - and at last watching a football team to be proud of. Congrats to all those who contributed to a wonderful day.