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Midlands Watch 23/24

Projection for Midlands League next season. Cheadle and Stockport both with us and 20 teams rather than 18.
I can see both Cheadle and Stockport both not anticipating this move and appealing as a consequence.
I’m assuming you’ve drawn your projections from the NLM forum Ben, which while not an official FA tool (in the polite sense 😁), it’s generally has some accuracy of what is likely. Interestingly one poster I’ve just noticed has suggested Irlam and West Dids rather than Cheadle and Stockport as possible lateral movers👀
Obviously this is one person’s musings and nothing more. What it does flag up is that while there are a number of permutations, it doesn’t necessarily follow that any of these clubs have anticipated that they might might end up in the firing line.
The projections I shared were from the Non League Maps Twitter account.
I have seen on NLM a suggestion to laterally move West Dids and Irlam as well as Cheadle and Stockport Town.
As you say nothing official but it will certainly be interesting to see how things eventually pan out and any subsequent appeals which may occur.
Would imagine there will be consideration on Barnoldswick and Glossop etc moving east too
They seem to make their predictions based on current positions. I would think that should one or both of the Wythenshawe clubs not be promoted that they would be in the firing line too.
Would imagine there will be consideration on Barnoldswick and Glossop etc moving east too
If you look at distances on Google Map, there is also a decent shout for Glossop to go South into the ML too - surprisingly not a great deal of distance separates any of the suggested candidates and Staffordshire. Barlick along with Kendal are perennially mooted for lateral movement. It’ll be interesting to see who gets promotion in the first instance and then who the FA see as the best fit for a move I guess.
Lichfield dropped points today to give Congleton a chance to overtake them if they win their game in hand
First Dates Rte GIF by COCO Content
Karma after all the crap they gave us on Monday.
And just when I had stopped laughing I read the first line of their match report
Who’d have thought that losing a forward could have such dire implications? The ‘keeper, a defender or maybe a pivotal midfield player maybe🤷🏼‍♂️ They’d still be able to play one up front, which some ‘74 fans would see as a luxury. In Barnes own words, it was a strong squad they put out last night, one he expected to show their mettle and the fans what’s been missing this season. Which makes the result all the more surprising.