Linnets New Years Day

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Too much time on my hands
Jul 27, 2013
I thought that it was a really good game until the ref spoilt it with a ridiculous red card decision, it was a similar pattern to the other games that we have lost this season where we have moments of quality but we seem to lose control of the games very easily and allow the opposition to dictate how the game goes (as the home side this shouldn't happen), the starting lineup baffled me yesterday and was just completely wrong and I knew that in midfield particularly we were going to struggle, Lucas Weir (or Jack Irlam) should have been at no 6 instead of Sam Hare, Russy should have started at LB and Mackenzie should have started ahead of Callum on the wing (or even Taylor could have started there if Kenzie wasn't 100% fit), I thought that their number 10 was outstanding and probably the best player we've played against in this league so far imo

Still a lot of games left to play and we're doing well for our first season in this league so heads up and we go again.
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