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Fancy a night out in a brewery?


Forum Staff
Jun 24, 2013
Hush Brewery, from those rather excellent scarfs, are having an open weekend

Next weekend 24th-26th March is our latest open weekend. We'll be open from 12.30 each day through to 11pm fri/sat and until we run out of beer on Sunday!
Fri eve and all day Sat we're joined by The Curry Den.

Come on down to the Brewery on Navigation Road, we'd live to see you there. It's unticketed and a cash/card bar with at least 6 HUSH beers and a good selection of alternatives for none beer drinkers.
And another open weekend coming up next weekend
It's almost that time again!
We'll have the doors open at the brewery again next weekend (28th-30th April) and its a Bank Holiday Weekend!
We'll be open from 1-11 on Friday, 12-11 on Saturday and because its a Bank Holiday on the Monday we'll be open all day on the Sunday.
We've got music again on Saturday evening and We'll be running a Quiz on Sunday afternoon again.
@karke_lebanese_food_nostalgia is back doing food on Saturday and Sunday.
We're child friendly in the daytime (up to 7pm).
It's going to be a special one for us as it marks the end of our second year since we released our first beers in a cold rainy beergarden at The Salty Dog in the first week of May 2021 so come down and help us celebrate!