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Discussion in '1874 Chat' started by Toddy, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. Toddy

    Toddy I Live Here

    Well worth a read for all fans.
  2. Alan M

    Alan M Administrator Forum Staff

    Can someone save me a copy to pick up when I come up next weekend for the Formby game? Thanks
  3. Brian

    Brian Legend 1874 Official

    Consider it done Alan - it will be in the shop at the ground awaiting your collection
  4. Alan M

    Alan M Administrator Forum Staff

  5. Deb T

    Deb T Active Member

    Me too - can someone keep me a copy to pick up at the match. Many thanks, Diane Tongue
  6. Toddy

    Toddy I Live Here

    There will be one there for you Diane.
  7. Red One

    Red One Member

    A bottle of Champers and a Book, who's travelling up North next week then?
  8. Nik_s

    Nik_s Legend

    How many will be at the shop? I only ask so I can reserve one if there is a likelihood they will sell out.
  9. Toddy

    Toddy I Live Here

    The books will not sell out ,we can always get more from Mark.
  10. Nik_s

    Nik_s Legend

    Thanks Toddy
  11. Vicki England

    Vicki England I Live Here 1874 Official

    About half way through. Interesting!

    If I knew then, what I know now............
  12. Deb T

    Deb T Active Member

    Thanks Toddy - I'll be there!
  13. Nik_s

    Nik_s Legend

    I've read it from cover-to-cover at the in-laws and must say it's a cracking read, really eye opening in parts to myself, who didn't know all too much regarding the sale of the Drill Field other than the conferences minimum gradings for grounds.

    Well done Mark.

    I'll still be purchasing my own when we play Formby.
  14. Hopefully I can get one at Christmas which sadly will be the next time I will be back in Cheshire
  15. Ben

    Ben Legend

    Any chance of the book being posted as I have little time to pop down to the shop?
  16. Atticus Finch

    Atticus Finch Legend

    Whilst I was aware of much what has gone on over the past 20 years - either at the time or after the date - to have it all chronicled in one document really brings it home to me how appalling badly run the club was in the years leading up to and after the sale of TDF.

    One wonders how differently things might have turned out if John Stitch had been around to oversee the move to Wincham? He was by far and away the best thing that had happened to NVFC at Board level for many, many years and I very much doubt that the debacle that followed would have occurred on his watch.

    Whilst the majority of the blame re the position that NVFC find themselves in today must lie with Messers Stone, Rafferty and Nuttall and to a similar degree Connett and Rushe, as a former shareholder I would suggest that as a body we didn't do enough at the time to challenge the Board about the possible alternatives than selling TDF and moving to such a remote location.

    Some - like Clive and Toddy - did so, but maybe their approach and tactics lead to many fans who might have sympathised with their approach being unwilling to support them. I was always uneasy about the 'trust us, we know what we are doing and everything will be all-right' attitude of the Board but we never, ever given the information that we - as shareholders - ought to have been provided with (and should have demanded) so that we could have taken a considered view and decision re what was the best way forward for NVFC.

    Despite the heartache that we have suffered over the past decade, in some respects the great thing is that Stone, Rafferty, Nuttall, Connett and Rushe have done us a huge favour.

    Because we now have a club that the fans run, the fans control and the fans mangage and each and every one of us feels part of.

    OK, we have a long, long journey ahead of us before we can realise our aim of getting back to Northwich and playing at the sort of level we know we are capable of.

    But we have so many examples of clubs who many 1874 fans will fondly recall playing but have fallen only to rise again to inspire us!

    Maidstone, Dartford, Runcorn, Rushden and Diamonds, Enfield, Scarborough, Merthyr, Wealdstone.

    Now our destiny lies in our hands as opposed to those who may have sought to profit from NVFC.
  17. Brian

    Brian Legend 1874 Official

    Peter,Ben and anyone else interested: as advised in the latest newsletter we can post a copy of this book out to you for just £1.65 extra (so that's £11.60 all in) just send me an email with address details etc: brian.edge2@btinternet.com
    Ben likes this.
  18. Brian

    Brian Legend 1874 Official

    Yesterday we took delivery of some more copies of this book so if you haven't bought one yet they will be available at the ground on Tuesday or can be posted ( see details above)
  19. Frank Fallows

    Frank Fallows Legend

    The "alleged" meeting that was held at the Wincham Com Hall should have been an "eye opener" as to what had transpired when Stoner, Nuttall, etc, departed from the platform in some haste when they had stated that they would answer the question's put by Clive, still wondering whether the reason for doing so was ?, I seem to reacall that a shareholder wanted to discuss anothet Trust formation and was invited by Stone to have the platform.
  20. Tinpot

    Tinpot Active Member

    Enjoyed the read, despite it being a modern tragedy. Have to say, the latest disgrace in all this has to be the Northwich Guardians lack of coverage on the ground demolition.

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